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How And Where To Find Keynote Speakers For Your Oil and Gas Events or Program In Tanzania and East Africa

Finding the right speakers who can speak about the topic in the oil and gas sector can be frustrating in Tanzania.

This is because the industry is still new in the East African countries, so many people might lack professional knowledge on the different subjects in the oil and gas industry

If you are looking keynote speakers for your next event, conference or the special program of your company, and you want them to talk about the topics related to the oil and gas or energy sector, here are some tips will help you find the perfect speakers:

1.Budget. The first step in searching for the perfect speakers is to find out whether their fee is suiting your budget. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them, the best oil and gas speakers want to help, if you have a limited budget, reach out to them and figure out how they can make their fee affordable.

2.Look for speakers from previous oil and gas events. Once you have a budget in mind, you then find the previous oil and gas events and who spoke at the events. Once you find their names, you can start to reach out to them and book them for your next events.

3.Internet. The Internet is the best place to find oil and gas speakers in Tanzania and East Africa. Go to the LinkedIn look to what professionals publish on their walls, chances are you may find some who are knowledgeable about the oil and gas sector.

Some speakers have websites and youtube channels that show their expertise in the petroleum industry


4.Business associations.These are associations that link local businesses to the contracting opportunities in the oil and gas sector, such as Association of Tanzania oil and gas service providers, Tanzania chambers of commerce etc,

5.Government Agencies.Depending on the nature of your events but you can find the keynote speakers from the government institutions’ such as Energy, water utilities and regulatory authority (EWURA) and Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC)

When you pick the speakers for your oil and gas events make sure that, the speakers have a powerful message to share with your target audience.


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Updated: May 23, 2018 — 2:16 PM
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