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How We Use Oil and Natural Gas In Tanzania And East Africa


Oil and gas are essential as food, clothing, and water to a human being. This is because the whole aspect of human living as far as Tanzania is concern depends on oil and gas.

Before the discovery of oil and natural gas, people cooked with logs of wood. They used hands tool to farm. And if someone wants to visit a friend they would take horse.

But the discovery of oil and natural enhanced our lives.

Think about the car you drive to work or the public transport, all are powered by oil. The medicine and drugs you take when you are sick come from oil. As an example, the painkiller Asprin come from oil

Natural gas used to generate electricity that power your television and light your house.

Also, electricity comes from the natural gas recharge your cell phone after every few hours. And that enables you to communicate with friends.
Tanzania has some57 trillion cubic feet and much of that used to generate electricity that power your appliances.

Also, many beauty products such as perfumes and lotion are made from oil like petroleum jelly that come from the oil.

The food you eat is prepared with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Also, chips and potato you buy from the supermarket are dried with natural gas.

The toys that your children play with are made from natural gas. Ethane form natural is processed into ethylene. In turn, ethylene used to manufacture plastics know as which used to make several products Likes Toys, Housewares.

The fertilizer we use to grow our crops at the farm comes natural gas that used as raw materials to make fertilizers.

Many people are unaware that Tanzania already has a natural gas powered vehicle.

When you get sick and you want to feel better you will take a medicine that is made from oil. An example is a painkiller comes from oil.

Oil power cars, ships, airplane motorcycle in which we rely on for the transportation.
There is still a power-failure problem in the country, so, people depend on generators—both diesel and petrol powered. The diesel or petrol are oil-related products.

These days farmers use the oil-powered tractor. And are more efficient than hand tools.

Also, asphalt come from oil are used in building roads
If you look around your home, almost many things are made from either oil or natural gas

To prove that oil and gas have many uses, one family advised getting things they think are made from oil and natural gas outside their home. They had to empty the almost everything out the house since very few things in the house haven’t come from either oil or gas.

Oil and natural gas affect every part of our life.I can’t imagine how our lives would be without oil and gas resources

Updated: May 10, 2018 — 3:45 PM
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