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What You Should Know About Petroleum Engineering

The field of petroleum engineering has three branches:

1.Drilling engineers

2. Production engineers

3.Reservoir engineers

Let us look at each of these.

Drilling engineers are the one concern to drill deep underground.They create a system of steel pipes to bring oil and natural gas out of the ground. Drilling engineer work together with geologists to locate where the well will be drilled,

Reservoir engineers are dealing with estimating how much oil and gas may have been discovered and then calculate the amount of oil and gas may be extracted or brought to the surface. In other words, they calculate if the field has sufficient oil or gas to be extracted,  recover the expenses (production costs) and still yield a good return

Production engineers,
When enough oil or gas determined, the production engineers plan some ways to recover or bring it to the surface.  They use various chemical and mechanical procedure to maximize oil recovery from the well.


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