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Most Demanded Jobs On The East African Crue Oil Pipeline (EACOP) Project

Politicians and industry leaders have been told us that there would be increasing in employment opportunities during the construction of the East African crude oil pipeline.

In truth, the pipeline is a free ride for many Ugandans and Tanzanians who want to cash in on it.

But the important question is what most in-demand jobs in the pipeline? As a petroleum consultant, I thought I would take moment to clarify more details on the people who have a great chance to prosper on the pipeline.

Technically speaking, pipeline construction is dangerous when you have a number of men who don’t know what they are doing.

So pipeline construction requires special skills along with experience.

But since Tanzania and Uganda have never built before the major pipeline, chances are more people with little experience may land a job on the project.

And with the local –hire policy enacted by the government of Tanzania and Uganda. Natives have a preference for the project than outsiders.

Most In Demand Jobs On The EACOP

The essential group in building pipelines are, pipe welders, pipefitters, mechanics, and operators.

Pipe welders are crucial on the projects to position pipes, welds it and x-ray welds so as to ensure quality. Operators run all equipment such as cranes, sidebooms, loaders, and backhoe.

There would be oilers, their main duty is to keep machines and equipment greased. They have two hours  to do the task. Every equipment operator has one oiler. Since they work closely with operators, oilers also learn to run machines.

These people should have some technical training and experiences.

The other group include truck drivers, bus drivers warehousemen, forklift drivers, clerical workers, surveyors, and secretaries.

Bus drivers to move pipeline workers from the camps to the work site.

Laborers have a dozen works on the pipeline, sometimes is difficult to uncover what they do. Much of them have never gone far in school. in most cases, they run small drills and replace broken cables. And helpers are needed to keep the camps cleans.

There would be Cooks who prepare the meal in the camps, meanwhile blusters and diggers.

AThe last group named building construction people includes carpenters, electricians, ironworkers, sheet metals workers, laborers, and surveyors

There will be operating engineers the construction in the construction of new roads and upgrade existing ones along the proposed pipeline route. You can’t exclude geologist who tests the soils.

Most pipeline jobs require people with work history in the construction industry. You may get your foot in the door if you have requisite skills.

Updated: March 26, 2018 — 12:53 PM
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