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The New Ophir- Energy Boss Is Not An Engineer, Why?


It surprises me this that the current Manager for the Uk- based Ophir Energy Mr. Fidelis Benedict Lekule is a graduate of Bachelor of Art, international relations and affair form the University of Dar es Salaam. I thought he should have read, an engineering.

I can’t believe my eyes that a Tanzanian millionaire and CEO of Lake Oil group Ally Awadhi he is a graduate of business administration. I thought should have read petroleum chemistry.

You can learn a great lesson from these oil and gas Moguls who have a positive contribution to Tanzania’s energy sector.

You Don’t Need To Be A Petroleum Engineer To Get Into Oil and Gas Business
Those who made fortune in oil and gas business in Tanzania have started small and even not with a career in oil and gas sector.

Forexample, Greyson Kiondo a chief executive officer ( CEO) of petrol gas field services limited, he is a graduate of Business Administration

Look up to Ally Awadhi, CEO of Lake Oil Group who has built his company into $1 billion revenue.
Ally Awadhi is a graduate of business administration from a Canadian University
Some people make millions of shillings trading petroleum products but never saw the four wall of the universities.

Guys don’t let your academic qualification holding you back from enjoying the riches brought by Tanzanian oil and gas

As I stated earlier these guys are not engineers, but what makes them stand out is that they acquired the right knowledge before found their in the industry.

If all you want is to venture into oil and gas business, acquire the right knowledge and find the area you can fit in the industry.

Nobody Use His Money In Oil and Gas Deals
Many people believe that oil and gas business is only for BIG BOYS with huge financial muscles, fat bank account, and deep pocket.

I thought you have to make millions of dollar in your previous business before venturing into small oil and gas business.

I used to think that way, back in my college days. But I realize the reality is different when I hit the street. I totally agree oil and gas business requires huge start-up capital.

But as petroleum professional by training, I can confidently tell you that, those in the oil and gas business do not use their own money. The fact is they don’t have that kind of money to run the oil and gas deals.

They use other people’s money to run the oil and gas. Without using other people’s money, chances are, petroleum industry can be very productive for those who participate.

So where do they get money to venture into oil and gas? That is talk for the other day. Stay tuned for the next post.



Updated: March 20, 2018 — 8:46 AM
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