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See List Of Oil an Gas Companies In Tanzania And Their Contact Details 2018


Oil and gas companies buy a bunch of products and services and hire enormous workers. And you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to recognize that getting a business in such companies is the substantial reward to reap. So here I bring to you the list of active oil and gas companies that are extracting oil and gas resources in Tanzania and their contact details. Meaning that you can contact them for a business purpose, job or any inquiry. If you reach out to them and you don’t hear back. Never lose hope. Oilmen are super busy. But because I hate to see the good people fail. I have also listed their physical address. So you should plan a visit to their premises based o your purpose.
Now, let meet them.

Shell Tanzania

1st Floor, Kilwa House,

Plot 369 Toure Drive, Oysterbay

P.O. Box 105833

Dar es Salaam,Tanzania

Tel: +255 222 218 300

Total Tanzania Ltd

Msasani Peninsula, Haile Selassie Road

Plot no. 1720

P.O.Box 1503

Dar es salaam, Tanzania

Tel: + +255 22 2927700/+255 22 2927701

Email:  totaltanzania@total.co.tz

Webite: www.total.co.tz



  East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) project In Tanzania                  

TEAM- Total East Africa Midstream, 369  Toure Drive

Ground floor, Kilwa House Oysterbay

P.Box 23917 Kinondoni Dar es  salaam, Tanzania

Tel: 0800780068(Toll free) or +255(0)222296742

Email: EACOP.info@total.com



Swala Oil and Gas Tanzania Plc
2nd Floor Oyster Plaza
Plot No. 1196- Oysterbay
Haile Selassie Road
P.O. Box 105266
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Phone: +255 (0) 755 687 785
Email: info@swalaoilandgas.com


Statoil Tanzania Limited

Plot no. 14031

Msasani Penisula, Bains Singh Avenue

Masaki, Dar es salaam, Tanzania



Ndovu Resources Ltd/Aminex Plc
Plot No. 431, Mahando Street
Msasani Peninsular
PO Box 105589
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Tel: +255 (0)22 2600814
Fax: +255 (0)22 2601809

Website: http://aminex-plc.com


CAROIL(T) limited

Mandela Road, Maurelprom Tabata Yard.

P.O.Box 80460

Dar es salaam, Tanzania

Tel +2552226021946/+255222601724

Website: www.caroil.f


Songas Limited

Capetown Fish Market Bidg, 4th  Floor

180 Msasani Bay Msasani Penisula

P.Box 6342

Dar es salaam, Tanzania

Phone: +255222452160

Fax: +2552224526/2

Email: info@songas.com

Website: www.songas.com/



Dodsal Resourxces& Mining  Itingi(Tanzania) Pvt.ltd

1st Floor, Coco Plaza

Plot 254, Toure Drive, Oysterbay

P.Box: 12049

Dar es salaam, Tanzania

Tel  +255222199400

Fax :    +255222923105



Maurel exploration Production Tanzania Limited

1778 Masaki street

Msasani Penisular

Dar es salaam, Tanzania


Pan African energy  Tanzania Ltd

Oyster Plaza Building
5th Floor, Haile Selassie Road
Box 80139, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Phone: 255 (0) 22 2138 737
Tax: 255 (0) 22 2138 938

Website: panafricanenergy.com/

Heritage Oil Tanzania Ltd

P.O. Box 38022, Dar Es Salaam , Tanzania

Phone +255 (22) 2668850

Website: www.heritageoilltd.com


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