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Million Dollar Overlooked Opportunities In The East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) Project

Did you hear Tanzania and Uganda are going to build crude oil pipeline shortly? of course, you have.

The simple truth is that the major oil and gas players including TOTAL, Tullow, and CNOOC in partnership with state-owned oil companies of both host countries stand to build the crude oil pipeline that will move crude oil from Hoima in Uganda to Tanga port before shipped to the international market.

But what is the potential employment and key business opportunities will be available throughout the construction of the project? Who will offer you those opportunities? And what are criteria to be selected as supplier or contractor?

Don’t worry, In the next few seconds, I’ll tackle those questions for you.
Why do I want you to know all such things? In fact, it will enable you to plan for opportunities coming up. And takes advantages of opportunities during the construction phase of the project
Now, let dive in
Who To Contact For A Job and Businesses In The EACOP project

Here’s many people are misleading, Most of us think that EACOP project team will hire local business and manpower directly. But it does not work that way. Here’s how it works

EACOP Project Team → Main Contractor→ Implementation contractor →Subcontractor

EACOP project team Tanzania hires the main contractor. The main contractor is the pipeline construction company that will build the East African crude oil pipeline. So in this regard, the EACOP project team are:

  • Total Uganda Limited
  • CNOOC Uganda Limited
  • TULLOW Uganda Limited.
  • Tanzania petroleum Development corperation(TPDC)
  • Uganda National Oil Company (UNOC)

In turn, pipeline construction contractors will hire implementation contractors and subcontractors to help them construct the pipeline.

Technically speaking, Many local business opportunities will come in form of subcontracting.
So if you are equipment provider or even service providers seeking opportunities in the EACOP project.

I strongly suggest you look to the who wins the pipeline construction job and get them to register you as suppliers or service providers in their supplier’s database. The same way job seekers.you should approach the pipeline construction company, subcontractors, and staffing solutions.

The Potential Jobs During Construction of LNG plant

In reality, building a pipeline requires a large number of workers, With this local participation spirit in the East African oil and gas. This is your best chance to land a job in the EACOP project provided that you’ve requisite qualification and skills to execute such job.

Approximately 10,000 people will be hired during the construction phase. The EACOP project will hire skilled workers, semi-skilled workers, and casual workers.
During the construction phase of the proposed EACOP project, casual workers will be employed from each district the pipeline passes. Also, the proposed EACOP will create short-term employment of about 2- 3 years. Here are the employment opportunities the EACOP project avail.
• Welders
• Pipefitters
• Plumbers
• Site engineers
• Construction managers
• Construction laborers
• Mechanics
• Truck Driver
• Electrician
• Carpenter

• Heavy Equipment Operator

N.B .More job opportunities arise based on the activities taken place along the pipeline route.

Forexample, when the EACOP project team collect information about the soil profile around the pipeline route, so the activities like geotechnical and geophysical studies are carried out.

During these studies, geologist, geoscientist, land surveyors are in higher demand

EACOP Million Dollar Business Opportunities For The Supplier and Service Provide

There are enormous products and services you can render in the East African Crude Oil pipeline based on where you have proven competence and capability.
Here are the list of the services, goods and tools you can offer in the EACOP,


Sector Your Business activity  in the proposed Pipeline Project
Material and procurement supply of   steel pipes, Line Pipes, pumps/,Filter and meter, coatings


Valves(Ball valves, gate valves, plug valves, Hammer blind valves pressure or flow control valves),

Flow tees and insulating cables, Flow meter, Insulating joints, Building material such as Gravel,

Fuel (diesel, gasoline, engine oil and lubricants)

Engineering, Design Construction and Fabrication Welding and Fabrication services,

Construction of access roads, grading

Right of way clearing, camp construction management



Modification and Maintenance Piping,   cathodic  protectiom
Health, safety, environment medical services, ambulances, site clean up, pollution control,  security services and catering services
Information and communication sector Installation of fiber cables, High internet speed services
Logistic and transportations include boat supply and barges, air transport  vehicle rentals,  courier services, crew transportation, goods and equipment transportation,
Survey Geophysical and  Geotechnical  survey
Installation and commissioning Pipe cutting and Bend services

Trench and excavation services, rental of crane

Finance and Insurance services Auditing services

Life Insurance services

Fund management services

Insurance broking services

The decision is Yours

As we have seen opportunities are abundant in the proposed East Africa crude oil pipeline (EACOP) project that you can venture into your irrespective profession. But power goes to those who can uncover and monetize those key opportunities at a rapid pace. The sad reality is that you are going to be left behind if you would not utilize key opportunities emerge in the project.Look to who wins the construction job, this is the competitive industry, so rush to approach them.

By Hussein Boffu




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