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Realistic Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Website

Having a website is the best thing you can do for your business. A website is an essential marketing tool for your business. It can help you to connect with influencers, decision makers and also it is a great tool for lead generation.

Why You Need A Website For Your Business
Here are the benefits having a website for your business

1.It helps to establish trust with your clients,
Many clients you are reaching out to, will google your business before meeting you in person.

So they look for online to find out whether you are the business they can trust. So if they found your company website online and gain more information about your business they establish trust, which results in the relationship and sales. It keeps your clients, partners, shareholders, and investor more informed about the business
Your website can serve as important tools to educate clients about your offering

2.It essential tool for lead generation.
Believe me or not, there are hundreds of clients looking for the products and services you offer.

Most of them go online for research about specification, cost and related issues about the products they are looking for. Procurement managers and engineers in oil and gas sector they first look for products online to understand the specification of the products before they recommend to their managers,

if you have a website that you post an informative article to educate your clients about your products and services, you will increase your success rates.

3.your business professional feel.
Client don’t take seriously people who reach out to them via emails associated with like “Gmail” ‘yahoo” “Hotmail “
. If you use unprofessional email like hussein2005@gmail.com to reach out client in oil and gas. I guarantee your email going unread. Or even if they read, nobody will reply.
To stand out you have to use professional emails that associated with your website.

How Your Business Website Should Look Like

Now, let see how your company website should look like
1.An “Our services” page

you offer On your company website you need to highlight the services or products you offer. But listing 10 products or services you sell isn’t enough, you have to provide with description of each service services render.
2.An “About Us” Page
In this page you will tell your client who you are, you will describe everything people have to know about your company.
3.An “Our Clients “page
If you have already offered the services or products to other clients. List clients in you have served on this page. This increase your business reputation and can help you to get client
4.A “Contact” page
In this page, you will entail email address, phone number and physical address where people can reach out to you.

5.”Our Team” section
If you have qualified staff in your team, just list the name of the management with their profile
6.”Mission and Vision Statement”Page
This is an important part of your company website. Vision is the direction of your business in the future. To write a powerful vision statement find out where you see your business in the next 10 to 20 years to come. Vision is the map describing where you are going.
This explains daily activities in your company or business does. If you want to write mission statement close your eyes and see what you do in dailuy business for your business

Next Steps
So if you don’t have online presence you are losing potential clients for your business
So you have seen the how the website is essential for your business. If you need the help for the good design of your business or company website, please reach out to me via hussein.boffu@tanzaniapetroleum.com
Whatsapp +255655376543

Updated: December 13, 2017 — 5:54 AM
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