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5 Realistic Ways How To Promote and Market Your Oil and Gas Event In East Africa And Get More People To Attend

It doesn’t take rocket science to know that the vast quantities of gas reserves in Tanzania and significant oil find in Uganda has made East Africa the subject of intensive interest.
No doubt organizing your own oil and gas event  can be attraction option in East Africa.
There are various of oil and gas events, So Whether you want to promote exhibition, conference or oil and gas training we all talk the same thing. All are oil and gas events.

But to create successful event that many people will attend, you need to employ marketing strategies that will attract more delegates, visitors or even sponsors.

Understanding how to market your oil and gas event is very critical because there is no point you spend your precious resources (time, energy and money), consequently few people show up or nobody attends

This article won’t only help you how to get people to come in your events but shows you how to get them return in another day when you reorganize the event.
This will help you sell many tickets, increase your brand awareness and reputation at the organization.

If you are event manger, event marker or generally and individual you have deep interest in organizing oil and gas event in East Africa, this guide will help you to get people to your event.  Now, let’s get started.

Identify your key audience

Once you have done a proper research and you are confident there is a potential market for your oil and gas event, the next step is to figure out who is your ideal customers? What are their needs and wants? And how to reach them?

For the  oil and gas conference we call them “delegates” and if you are organizing exhibition we call them “Visitors” but are simply customers

For example, I have found the reasons Tanzanians attend oil and gas conferences are need of information and contacts in the oil and gas sectors.

Also, the reason companies Human resources department in the oil and gas companies buy training for staff because they want to strengthen their team and minimize risks and loss at the organization.
Once you identify your ideal customers and their needs and wants the marketing is the easy part

Who Are The Customers For The Oil and Gas Events
I have found the audience of oil and gas events in East Africa are

  • People with high income, senior materials.
  • professional jobs such as engineers, accountants, lawyers etc
  • And in most cases with people who have higher education
  • Also, owners or employees who work with the oil and gas companies other
  • Owners and employees firms that can participate in oil and gas supply chain like construction firms, catering, insurances, health centers etc

We have seen, how to find your target customers for your oil and gas events and customer profile who always pay to  attend the oil and in East Africa. Now let start discuss the six effective way to promote your oil and gas event. Let meet them:


It involves the use of Radio, Television, and Newspaper to inform and persuade your target audience about the existence of your oil and gas event. This is an effective way to promote your oil and gas conference in Tanzania and East Africa because your message reaches to many stakeholders, But it’s very expensive because the TV and Radio will charge you high rates the airtime you purchase.


2.Word of Mouth
We also call this direct sale, this is when you meet with your target audience in person and inform them about your oil and gas event.

For example, your organizing oil and gas event and one of your key customer s are the construction organizations, so you kick-start visit organization firms and persuade them to attend your event.

This is an ideal marketing strategy for your oil and gas events but you need to have great sales team who will go door to door and speak with potential customers and persuade them to buy a ticket.

This will work well for the oil and gas events such as training. Let me give you an example, if you are organizing the oil and gas events, in this case, let say safety training.

And your target audience are the multinationals oil and gas companies operating in East Africa, so go out and visit the multinational offices and talk to them to attend the event

3.Email and e-newsletter Marketing
If you need to attract a large number of attendees at your oil and gas event, I strongly suggest you employ e-newsletter marketing method. The reason this marketing tool is so effective is that you bypass the third part and you message reach directly to your potential customers.

To employ this marketing strategy, event marketers must buy or build what we call the DATABASE. The database will include the email list of your target audience.

A lot of companies sell database. But finding companies that sell database made up of oil and gas professionals, businessmen and decision maker In the oil and gas can be a little bit frustrating.

Here at (Tanzania petroleum.com) we can offer you a database with a list of more than 1700 individual consumers most of them are oil and gas professionals, decision makers and businessmen
Buying database can effective way to penetrate and attract more people in your oil and gas events in the East Africa.

4.Media Collaboration

This is when you cooperate with the third part to reach out your target customer. Media collaboration is one of ideal approach raising awareness for your oil and gas events.

You can collaborate with local magazines and newspaper can be the effective tools to promote your event in East Africa. Also there a lot of online magazines that accept media collaboration if there is a win-win situation in your collaboration

5.Sales Promotion
Another great marketing strategy for your oil and gas event in East Africa is offering a discount in specific period of time to your customers that expire after the specific time. After that time customers need to pay regular process.

This will motivate your target audience to react faster on your offer so they couldn’t miss the deadline.


I hope this help. If you find this informative, kindly share with friend or just leave your comment below.

Hussein Boffu

Hussein. Boffu@tanzaniapetroleum.com


Updated: November 20, 2017 — 7:31 AM
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