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For All Entrepreneurs Confusing About The Benefits Social Media Can Bring In The Oil and Gas In East Africa

Social media has been lagged behind in the oil and gas. This is because companies don’t see the return on investment sooner as the business to consumer firms do.

I agree that for the companies sell to the individuals can attract many customers to the social media. Look at this example, car firms can sell more cars by simply posting the advert on the Facebook or twitter.

While you can’t get drilling contract on Facebook or you won’t sell more oil and gas equipment on Facebook or get the award the contract to offer catering services in the pipeline on Facebook. Also, sales in oil and gas is based on the relationship.That is why many oil and gas companies tend to not actively using social media.
But for the oil and gas companies to benefit from the smartphone age where clients, decision makers employees  and community in which you operate are on social media, they should not view the social media as the companies sell to individuals do. They should see it in different ways.

They should view social media as  allow them to educate,, help them to interact and connect with the host government, communities, employees, and stakeholders.

So if you wondering the benefits social media can bring in the oil and gas companies by actively using social media here are some of them.

1.Retain and attract  personnel

The oil and gas industry is now experiencing a substantial challenge, we call this “BIG CREW”. To clarify big crew is the lack of personnel and it happens when oil and gas companies hire a lot when the oil price is high and downsized when oil price is lower. Also, the lack of personnel the is the result of the retirement for many experienced oil and gas professionals. To resolve this problem companies should hire local engineers and attract the young workforce.

The simple truth is that large percentage of young professionals and engineers have accounts on the various social media platform. So engineers and your prospect employee already use social media why don’t you go where they are?

By setting up the LinkedIn group and Facebook of your companies and update about the new position it will help you attract highly qualified employee who will help build a profitable business.

2.Educate People
Since the oil and gas in East Africa is just started, so a lot of people have misconception about the oil and gas sector. Some of them they might discuss your companies on the social media.

So if you have Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter accounts you will give them positive feedback and respond them to a negative comment. Also, you will consult them about the safety and how your activities will not harm them.

Remember public are on social media and they talk about you on there. So social media can be the attractive option to get your message to people, so if use them wisely to reply their comments you will stand greater chance to have successful operation

Oil and gas professionals and stakeholders can come together to share their positive experience on social media.If your company have a Linked In group, oil and gas companies can use to discuss their work, exchange ideas and discuss o on new technology in your companies etc
Build Authority and Brand awareness.

If you use social media to share your press release, publishing statistics introduce new products or technology or announce the mega& acquisition, you will surely view as a leader in the industry. You will not be regarded as a Vendor or operators but you will start increasing your reputation

4. Oil and Gas Conference participation.

I learned the great lesson at the last oil and gas congress attended.One of the delegates went to the registration desk and asked for the Wi-Fi code. The best part is I sat next to him when the conference began.So I noticed he was on his smartphone when the speaker was talking. Social media can be a platform to engage audiences and speakers.

5 Crisis management.

If any possible hazards happens in the industry such oil spills, pipeline leakage, social media will play vital role in spreading out message
The oil and gas industry is difficult to adopt new technology but the social media is the cheaper and faster and cost effective to increase brand awareness, interact with stakeholders, manage public perception and inform them about any possible hazards and activities.

I would love to hear your from you, please leave your comment below and share your input.

Hussein Boffu




Updated: November 16, 2017 — 2:03 PM
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