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How To Start and Succeed In Oil and Gas Business In Tanzania If You Don’t Have Prior Experience and Background Related To Oil and Gas

How can you start a business In upstream oil and gas without experience and succeed on it?

But here is a misconception out there. People believe without practical experience in oil and gas you can’t make it in the oil and gas business.

If you don’t have a degree in petroleum engineering, oil and gas business isn’t for you. If you didn’t expose to the oil and gas rigs or platform in the field sites for years, you can’t succeed in the oil and gas business.

But this is entirely false. Oil and gas business is limited to everyone, no matter what program you took in college, No matter what profession you are in, upstream oil and gas sector offer opportunities in every sector. You only need to passionate about this industry and motivation to help others.

I don’ t say experience is worthless in this industry, To be honest, nothing can replace experience in oil and gas sector.

But a key point is, even if you lack experience you can start and succeed in this industry. If you doubt me, Read on to find out

But what is upstream? I hear you ask? Upstream is the segment of the oil and gas sector involves companies that dig deep underground to extract and bring oil and gas resources to the surface. So can be transported to consumers.

You often hear named as Exploration and Production companies(E&P). Does this sound too technical? Let me clarify to give you a better understanding. These are companies you hear announcement every day in the media they have discovered new gas discoveries in Tanzania.

These are companies you will find have a huge drilling machine, puffing red flames and black some into the sky in Mtwara.

This article shows you how you can start a business providing goods and services to these Exploration and production companies (E&P ) operating in Tanzania. if you have zero experience in oil and gas sector.

This is privileged information that helps you achieve the success I the industry.

Here is Fact Nobody Tells You About Start Oil and Gas Business Without Experience
When you start your oil and gas company you become a manager or chief executive. And managing Directors (MD) or Chief executives don’t need to go the field to maintain equipment.

A manager is not expected to know everything about the industry.
As a manager of the new company starting out, your primary job is to going and look for a job.

And once you get a job you hire engineers and technicians to execute such work.
So you don’t need to know how to maintain a gas turbine, You don’t need to have 10 years experience to make money in this industry.

You only need how to get contracts in the industry. In other words, you should know how to sell in the sector. Simple as that.



The Million Dolar Skills That Will Make You Succeed In Oil and Gas Business

The most important skills and experience you need to succeed in oil and gas is SALE. No matter how experience you have in the oil and gas sector if you don’t know how to sell in the industry you are going to be in trouble. Why ? because sale is the oxygen of your company.

Without sales or contract no cash flow, And without cash flow no business.

But the good news is that sale is learnable skill, you can learn to sell into oil and gas through repetition until it becomes your second nature.

Even if you don’t have zero physical experience in oil and gas sector. You can learn how to sell into the industry through practice until you adapt it

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Powerful Strategies To Succeed If You Start Oil and Gas Business Without Prior Experience
1.Find out a products or services you want to offer
The first thing first, if you are don’t have prior experience in oil and gas, you should identify the products or services you want to render in the industry. A lot of goods and services are in high demand in the industry. Determine kind of services or product you passionate about.

2.Find someone who has been there before
If you want to enter the oil and gas business without experience, Find somebody who has been in the oil and gas business and asks for his guide.

Don’t go and grab employees with oil and gas and expect will guide to your mountaintop. Find some one not only has already worked with oil company but has experience in selling goods and services in the industry. Someone who already sell to the international oil and gas companies.

This kind of person will help you to fast track your journey to sell to the industry

3.Form partnership/ Alliance
When you start without experience, you form a partnership with other companies that have experience in the services you want to offer.

Why You Are Sitting Back Bench and Watching Very much Group Enjoying Everything
Succeeding in oil and gas business has nothing to do with experience. It depends on your passion, courage, faith to God.

In my life time, I have met an American guy running a successful company that provides oil and gas tools to hundred BIG oil companies across the world include Shell, Total. Surprisingly enough.

When he started his company. He had no any experience. He had never been an employee of any oil companies. He learned oil and gas business through trial and errors.
You can start your own too, and learn and gas experience along the way. Thankfully we can learn from both our mistakes and success.
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