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9 Simple Steps On How To Start Small and Grow Bigger In Tanzania’s Oil and Gas

Deep inside you know it’s true.

If you look deep into Tanzania’s oil and gas, you will discover enormous  opportunities. But you must train yourself  not only to recognize opportunities in the sector, but to take action once you see them. If you do that you increase your earning in the oil and gas and achieve your financial dreams

Picture this.

  • Tanzania has discovered 57.25 cubic of natural gas. This is the biggest  discovery.
  • The construction of the  proposed Uganda- Tanzania crude oil export pipeline start in January 2018. This project will boost  foreign investment by 6.5
  • All drilling operation by Uk based firm Amnex, Heritage

All those projects needs various goods and services that you can offer.  There is a misconception out there. Most people believe that doing business in oil and gas is impossible and difficult. But that is entirely false.

The simple  truth is that you can start small and grow bigger in Tanzania oil and gas. All big international oil and gas companies started  somewhere, And they started small .

Take schlumberger example. This company started small with two brothers.  But today is a reputable oil services company with branches across the world.

You can start small in  Tanzania oil and gas and reap substantial reward and grow bigger day by day  until you reach your mountain top.

And here are simple steps. Remember I said simple but not easy. So let meet them

  1. Identify business activity you have competence or capability to do well
  2. Register your business  with  BRELA as limited company
  3. Establish a functional office to enable you have a place of identification
  4. Register with oil and gas companies as a vendor ( contractors or supplier)
  5. Go out there and scout and bids for  jobs in your chosen business area.
  6. Grow and develop your chosen  niche
  7. Form alliance, joint venture or partnership with local companies or  international companies that offer the same services as yours———–This allow you to pursue large opportunities in Tanzania oil and gas.
  8. This is a personal contact industry . So attend seminar and Conferences  and trade show  to expand your network and learn how to business with large oil companies.
  9. Keep your eyes this industry is always filled with rumors.

But the good news is that, here is a book that can help you  start, run and grow and sell goods and services to oil and gas companies operating in Tanzania. Order your copy here: (http://tanzaniapetroleum.com/our-partners/  )



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