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There is A Money In East Africa’s Oil and Gas———- And Eyes On Pipeline

If you are service provider or supplier, you can still find opportunities, despite the low oil price in the industry.

To stand out in the current situation. Look for business opportunities outside the region you normally focus on. And  East Africa provides the most opportunities right now.

Tanzania has approximately 57 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. Mozambique has about 100 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

Not to mention Uganda has huge discoveries of crude oil. But due to poor infrastructures, they can’t transport these resources within the countries. If you are pipeline companies.

There are huge opportunities in East Africa just waiting for you.

A  key  area  of opportunities in East Africa’s oil and gas is a Uganda-Tanzania export oil pipeline
The three-party consortium of Tullow, CNOOC and TOTAL have already released tenders in the excess of a trillion shillings.

To survive In the recent oil price downturn, you should be able to see where opportunities lie and take advantage of it.

To be totally honest with you there is no time for talk anymore local and international service providers have to start to act.

The bottom line is , here is “ Must have” eBook that help suppliers and service providers to understand how to tap into opportunities in the oil and gas sector in Tanzania.
See a link here to garb yourself a copy (http://tanzaniapetroleum.com/our-partners/)

Updated: July 27, 2017 — 9:01 PM

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