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REVEALED : 17  Tips and Rules Nobody Tells You About Make Good Money In Tanzania’s Oil and Gas Markert


Deep down you know it’s true. How’s difficult to gain oil and gas information in this country. Some people will require you to pay them big cash to teach you how to make money in this industry. Because I love you,  I’m giving you all this information for free. So no matter who you are. If you put to the use what I am going to share with you.

You’re not to be the same way again. You will be doing business with many oil and gas companies in Tanzania and make  you smile to your bank account.

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But I want to be totally honest with you. I don’t want to baby you that you will make it overnight. These works once you have a good preparation,  being ready to work late hours and commitment to risk taking.

Do you want to learn how making  money in the oil and gas sector in Tanzania? So check these out:

  1. Find a decision maker- These are people who can say “yes”  or no to your offer.
  2. Get to a supplier list
  3. This is a personal industry contact never advertise on Newspaper
  4. For a Tanzanians, put a philosophy of local supply and services first
  5. Spend 80% of your time visit oil companies offices and rig sites and tell them what you can do for them
  6. Provide now or they will get from someone else
  7. Be honest. When you sit with client never promise what you can’t deliver
  8. Never say negative about your competitors products or services. Because you’re not expert of your competitor products and services
  9. Deliver on time or early
  10. Give good service, they will give more job
  11. Never argue with your client
  12. Have a presence of rigs sites and camps, as many oil and gas companies in Tanzania are exploration and production phase.So many buying decision made on field.
  13. Never give up. Keep on follow up. Regular visit will help you identify your clients need
  1. I prefer to work with oil companies than their drilling contractor because they pay with in 30 days
  2. Socialize with other oil and gas stake holder in Tanzania.Join our local chamber of commerce, attend industry events. Go and play with them golf, football and gain their trust
  3. Use your network wisely
  4. Keep updated with what’s going on

So what are you waiting for

Now, go out there and make it happen. Trust me, you will get back here with successful story.

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