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How  To  Do  Business With Oil and Gas Companies In Tanzania


Oil and gas companies in Tanzania buys almost everything,  They buy food stuff, to feed their employees in the job site.They buy fuel, such as diesel and lubricants. They buy industrial products such as valves, safety equipment, HR services, Transportation services. So you can do business with these companies provided that you know what you’re doing.

So how can you do business with oil and gas companies in Tanzania?   How do you get infront of those people and do business with them. Here’s how

1.Assess Your   Business

Is the first step in starting working with these international oil and gas companies. So you know exactly what you really do?  You should be able to define what your business does in a single sentence. And be clear about the goals and objective of your business.



2.Find a Decision Maker

Up to this point, you knock on oil and gas companies offices and try to meet decision maker. This is a person who can say “yes” or  “no” to your products and services. And ask him to get you into supplier list

  1. Never accept “No” as a Final answer.

If they say “NO” today, doesn’t mean will say No again next month. Do a regular visit so you keep your face in their mind, that way, you build trust to the client . If you spend 80% of your time to have a presence with oil and gas companies. You stand a great chanc to get a business.Because you will be the only guy  in front of them.

4.Deliver On time

With all that strategies, now they should give you a work to test your performance. Please deliver on time and do your work in great performance. If you do your first job well, they will give you more. That’s way you increase reputation of your company,


 Final Words

You can make a handsome money in this industry if you’re ready to go an extra miles. Go beyond your comfort zone.No magic formula. The secret to doing business with oil and gas companies lies on hardworking, honesty and patiency.


Updated: March 16, 2017 — 11:16 AM
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