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The Easiest Way For Tanzanians To Earn BIG Money From Oil and Gas Sector

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Of course, you already know that oil and gas business in Tanzania is a real deal, This is business everyone wants to be involved in, because of high return it generates.

But the hard truth is there’s a lack of knowledge how this industry really work, and how to make money from the oil and gas sector in Tanzania,

Most people think this business is only for big boys or only for Arab and Asian Tanzanians who have big financial muscles.

I attended some of oil and gas industry events and conferences  and heard some of our fellow countrymen claiming that to get involved in oil and gas business it require big money.

I totally agree with this kind of mindset that most of us have.I agree that a great deal in oil and gas require a good money as well.

But let me tell you the first thing first.

The obstacle that holding you back from making money in this industry is not a CAPITAL but is a lack of right information and your  business model. It’s that simple

But never worry, In the next coming posts, I will show you, how very few Tanzanians make big dollars from this industry while you don’t. And also I will show you how they finance their oil and gas business.

But that’s a story for another day, the topic at hand is the easiest way for you to make money in Tanzania’s oil and gas sector.”

So if you’re keen on making money from the oil and gas sector but you lack start-up capital. Fortunately, there’s a solution.

And that’s Oil and gas Sales Representative.
Is the one most effective ways to help you get money from the oil and gas industry in Tanzania

Read to find out more.

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So, What is oil and gas sales representative, Anyway?
Why oil and gas sales representative rocks for Tanzanians
How oil and gas sales representative works
Final Words

So, What is oil and gas sales representative, Anyway?
It refers to represent foreign oil and gas business/company in Tanzania. In other words, you introduce a foreign company to clients in Tanzania and get a commission for each purchase being made.
With the Tanzania’s oil and gas sector is booming right now, many foreign business and companies are eager to expand their business into Tanzania’s oil and gas market.So the oil and gas sales become hot right now.

Why oil and gas sales representative rocks for Tanzanians?
Here are reasons why we think you should look into it, too
.   1.You can learn the oil and gas business, like how the oil and gas companies buys.

2.You can learn what types of products are in dire demand in the oil and gas industry even in bad market

3.You can make industry contacts because you will meet different oil and industry professional.

But that’s not all. There are additional benefits to oil and gas sales representative, as well
              1.Easy to implement. You introduce the foreign company to oil and gas clients in Tanzania. You don’t have to worry about working capital to buy and resell products to clients, make a sales presentation, shipping, set up payment or anything else.All support is handled by the company you represent.

           2.It doesn’t require specialized expert: You don’t have to be an expert in oil and gas industry.You only need to know the clients in Tanzania or the end user of that products and services you represent.
           3.It’s low-effort and low-risk. Oil and gas sales representative don’t require significant time or money investment on your part. It doesn’t require you to have a company and deal with all stressful like paying tax etc,

How Oil and Gas Sales representative work
As oil and gas sales representative you introduce the foreign companies to clients or end user here in Tanzania. And you will get some percent/commission for each purchase made in your territory ( Tanzania) based on your agreement

Also, they will compensate you for the time you spend with them to meet clients. So your job is complete after that you wait to smile at the bank because the rest will be done with the company you represent in Tanzania.

This is a profitable business and you can make a lot of money for only one deal. Why? Because always oil and gas companies make a big transaction. So, Imagine you introduce foreign companies to oil and gas clients in Tanzania. And they sell drilling chemicals that cost 40,000 Us dollar. And in your agreed will be received 10% for each sale.

So your earn  4000 Us dollar which is equivalent  8 millions Tanzania shillinhgs. Which is the big cash.

Important things to consider in this business

So here are few points to put in your mind when you are going to tap this opportunity in Tanzania.
1.Set up an agreement with clear terms.
Before start introduces your foreign company to clients make sure you have entered an agreement with clear terms and condition.
Your agreement must show,
When you will receive your money from the date the purchase has been made.
The agreement should not require representing only one company.
To build long term business relationship with these foreign companies, you should build trust with them by being honest with them and be honest with yourself.


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Updated: January 28, 2017 — 2:54 PM
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