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Suppliers Opportunities In Tanzania’s Oil and Gas


                     Drilling Ship  NOBLE GLOBETROTTER II

Despite the low oil prices, oil and gas projects are progressing in Tanzania.
We see Amnex company has contracted a drilling ship called Caroil rig 2, and now they are drilling in southern part of Tanzania

Also, Shell and its co-partners, has announced to start drilling of two exploration wells since the end of October.

And the drilling company  that has contracted for this project is called Noble Globe Trotter 2.
So what does all this mean to you? This living testimony that opportunities are immense in the oil and gas sector in Tanzania.

And you can take part of this booming sector in Tanzania by offering products and services to the companies operating in Tanzania.

But, what are these companies buy? And when they buy products and services? Relax! Because In the next few minutes, I will list the products and services you can supply to these projects. Why is this article essential for you?

Because it will help you to find your fit in the Tanzania’s oil and gas supply chain and reap substantial reward from this booming industry. So stick with me all the way to the end of this article.

Technically speaking these drilling programs that shell and Amnex are doing, they are grouped in upstream business of the oil and gas supply chain. So what is upstream? Simple.
To be clear, upstream is the part of oil and gas sector that cover everything from finding oil and gas resources and drilling them so as they can be transported to the place where they can be refined or converted into finished products for consumers.

So the kind of things these oil and gas companies buys in these upstream projects or when they are in drilling stage of natural gas wells in Tanzania include the following

1. Logistics and transportation
In order for these oil and gas companies to be able to drill such wells, they require moving a lot of people, equipment to the workplace
2. Food supplies
Drilling operations that shell and its joint venture partners, Ophir Energy and Pavilion  energy will take place in deep water. People there has to be fed, so food has to get there.
3. Engineering and Construction Services

4. Maintenance services

5. Fabrication services of various types for the equipment

6. Electrical and Instrumentation services. As all of you know for the deep sea or offshore projects is huge of mechanical and electrical equipment.That’s why electrical and instrumentation services are in dire demand

7. Drilling fluids and Chemicals. So thinks like bentonite, sodium chloride, calcium chloride, fresh water system is considered in this stage

8. Human resources services: This includes supply of temporary and permanent labors, such as technicians, engineers, welders etc

9. Safety materials: All safety products from Gloves, Helmets, coverall, Safety shoes, up to goggles

So if you are offering  such products and services, think about approaching these oil companies that currently have projects in Tanzania. And with a good approach, you’re smiling at your bank account with huge cash.

Be warning, If you’re outside Tanzania, end you really want to benefit from this supply chain, partnering with local companies is the way to go. Because they know the local business and culture. That way, you build a business relationship with local companies that result in the win-win situation.

If you have anything feel free to get in touch with me at Hussein.Boffu@Tanzaniapetroleum.com or 0655 37 65 43. And I will be glad to answer you.
Good luck to you: spend wisely because the oil and natural gas will never last forever in our country

Updated: November 5, 2016 — 7:24 AM
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